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Frequently asked questions


Are the campsite facilities open all season?
Facilities are open from April 1 to October 28.

What are the arrival and departure times for the campsite/bungalow chalets?
Arrival is possible after 14.00 hours and departure is to take place before 10.30.

What if I arrive later than the reception desk opening hours?
The current opening times can be found here. Should you arrive later, we would greatly appreciate it if you contact us beforehand, by phone or e-mail.

Can the car be parked next to the bungalow chalet or campsite?
No, there are special parking areas where you may park your car.

Is there entertainment present, and if so, when?
There is entertainment present during the school holidays. Consult the entertainment programme.

Will I receive a directions to the campsite?
Yes, you will receive this 1 week before arrival. It can also be found here.

Is there a down payment?
Yes. The down payment consists of 50% of the total amount and the cancellation insurance, if any. The remaining amount is to be paid no later than 6 weeks before arrival.

What will I have to pay on-site?
Are you staying in a chalet? Then you pay a security deposit of €45, or €90 (for a 12-person bungalow).
For the campsite you will need a sepkey. Security deposit for this is €22,50. The key grants access to the grounds and the sanitation buildings. A 2-key maximum per reservation applies.

Is there wireless internet available?
Yes, you can make use of wireless internet anywhere. Upon arrival you will receive a code that lets you use the internet. Extra internet vouchers can be obtained at the reception for a nominal fee.

Can several devices use the same internet code to log in?
Yes, this is possible. If you have purchased a code for this, you can use it to log in up to three devices at the same time.

Are pets allowed?
On the campsite, 1 pet is allowed per site, with the exception of campsites 1 to 10.
In the chalets and bungalows, pets are not allowed, with the exception of Tentvillas.

Is the campsite suitable for the disabled?
The chalets do not have special facilities, but a large number of chalets are suitable for walkers. Please contact the reception for more information. For the campsites, adjusted sanitation is available.

Will minors travelling alone be accepted?
No, minors travelling alone are not allowed.

Is the swimming pool accessible to visitors?
Yes, even if you're not spending the holiday at Ackerstate holiday park you are very welcome to swim in our pool. A day scan for the pool can be purchased at the reception for €4.50.


How big is the campsite?
Around 10m2/107ft2.

Will I have my own waste water disposal, electricity and CATV?
Yes, campsites are comfort sites with their own water, waste disposal, 6A electricity and CATV connection.

Is a barbeque allowed on the campsite?
Yes, a barbeque is allowed. Sometimes the fire brigade issues a barbeque ban due to extreme drought. We do not have a say in this.

Bungalow / Chalet Huren

What is the policy regarding the final clean-up and security deposit?
You will receive your security deposit back when you leave, after an employee has inspected your accommodation. You are to leave the accommodation the way you found it, clean and tidy.

Is it possible to put a cot in the bedroom?
Yes, this is an option for all bungalow chalets. It is not an option in mobile homes.

What are the dimensions of the bungalow chalets?
A 4-person bungalow chalet is 50m2/538ft2.
A 6-person bungalow is 63m2/678ft2.
And a 12-person bungalow is 150m2.

Is there garden furniture present?
The bungalow chalets have garden furniture present. There are two adjustable chair available. There are outdoor cushions as well.

Are we allowed to stay in a bungalow with more than the maximum prescribed number of people?
No, the bungalow chalets were arranged for the indicated number of people.

Is it possible to reserve a cot/child's bath/playpen/child's seat?
Yes, this is possible.

Do you want to book for a period longer than 3 weeks? Contact in that case the camping itself directly by phone or email.
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