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Zuiderzeeboulevard 22
3841 WB Harderwijk
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Are you ready for a smashing day out? Submerge in the underwater world of the Dolfinarium, the greatest sea mammal park in Europe! Find yourself face to face with jumping dolphins, colossal walruses and roaring sea lions.

The stars of the sea steal the show in no less than 9 beautiful performances. Are you also very enthusiastic about the magic lives of dolphins? In the DolfijnBrein (Dolphin Brain) you will dive even deeper into the life of the bottlenose dolphin and learn everything about their body, behaviour and care. But there is a lot more to be experienced besides dolphins: in the Roggenrif (reef of the stingrays) you will meet the animals that live in our own North Sea. The real daredevils will even briefly put their hand in the water to experience what stingrays and sharks feel like. Did you know, by the way, that many of the shark species are endangered species? Come and visit the Haaibaai (Shark Bay) and discover how you can help them!

The Dolfinarium is situated adjacent to the Veluwemeer and has its own beach. Come and play in the sand or enjoy the beautiful views over the water. But you swim gear is not only suitable for the beach: there is a brand new water attraction called Waterpret (Water fun)! Slide off one of the many slides or enjoy the sun on the lawn. Furthermore you can go wild in one of our four playgrounds. There is such a lot to be experienced in one single day!

Dolfinarium. Discover. Experience. Protect.

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    Gelderland, Voorthuizen

    • Laadpaal elektrische autoLaadpaal elektrische auto
    • Nabij bosNabij bos
    • Nabij meer / ven / rivierNabij meer / ven / rivier
    • WifiWifi centraal
    • RestaurantRestaurant
    • Bar / eetcafĂ©Bar / eetcafĂ©
    • HurenHuren
    • CampingKamperen
    • Pets limited allowedPets limited allowed
    • SportveldSportveld
    • Openlucht zwembadOpenlucht zwembad
    • Overdekt zwembadOverdekt zwembad
    • Play valley and trampoline park
    • Near Recreational water Zeumeren
    • Inside and outside pool with slides
    • Enjoyment at restaurant "Karrewiel"
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